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Unformatted text preview: rs in the community. - Percentage increase in early identification of worsening of patient conditions. Provide relevant and timely diagnosis and monitoring to patients that is convenient and non-intrusive to them. Quality Care component systems. Although hierarchically structured (see Fig4), the component systems are operationally and managerially independent so the hierarchy is not closed, allowing dynamic adaptation to the operational conditions and fostering the self-organization and individual specialization of its components for the benefit of the entire system of systems. Description Patient Satisfaction events is triggered, involving different stakeholders: medical care, social services, emergency services, family etc ... That's the moment when the emergent behavior of the telemedicine systems of systems is more visible, although it is a feature of the distributed telemedicine systems, even into the day by day regular operation, due to the weak bondage between the A comparable or improved level in the quality of care provided to patients enabled through timely intervention by GPs based on monitoring and evidence based medicine - Reduction in travel to hospitals and clinics Reduced anxiety and confidence/ increased empowerment - Percentage adoption level among potential patients clinician Improved communications Proactive and timely intervention by medical staff based on remote monitoring centers. - Percentage reduction in health crisis due to proactive monitoring of trends. - Quicker access to care and diagnosis. Value Category Medical service cost reduction order to achieve an appropriate level of efficiency. Figure 4. Telemedicine system hierarchy V. TELEMEDICINE SYSTEM OF SYSTEMS EFFICIENCY An important aspect of the telemedicine endeavors is the efficiency, especially into a classical approach dominated environment: telemedicine versus available hospital & clinical care. That's because, changes in clinical outcomes can take years to identify, and causes are...
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