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Thats because changes in clinical outcomes can take

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Unformatted text preview: often difficult to isolate. In the meantime, health leaders are hampered in their ability to identify and scale programs that are delivering compelling value, and modify those that are not working. Therefore, while technology-based healthcare programs can deliver significant 210 of Apart of these values categorIes, we can IdentIfy additional value categories specifically relevant to telemedicine solutions. These categories are transversal to healthcare value categories and offer a broader perspective, and eventually enhance or impede the success of telemedicine initiatives. The values considered as most relevant by us are: • Accessibility: Technology investments can increase citizen access to services by improving health worker productivity. Technology solutions that improve 9th RoEduNet IEEE International Conference 2010 efficiency and reduce demands on secondary care can help control rising costs, leading to a broader patient base. The KPIs associated with this value category are: o o o • Percentage of population with access to telemedicine equipment. Percentage of services that are supported by telemedicine solutions. Availability of public places. telemedicine solutions in characteristics of the systems, important heterogeneous information and emergent developments are extracted. The amount of the sensed data is very vast and complex, due to the large number and types of sensors which are continuously monitored in order to collect data over long periods of time. All those multiple entities have different goals, making the integration and system governance a critical issue. Success in telemedicine system of systems requires recognition, effective management,and exploitation of emergence. Education: Due to the shift into the medical act approach, from the face-to-face discussion with the physician, technology to provide topics such understand to remotely operated evaluations or based automatic monitoring, it is necessary education plans that educate patients on as pain management so that they can better their condition and how to manage it review of their treatment history and plan. The KPIs associated with this value category are: o o o o o • might appear simple, but the overal...
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