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Unformatted text preview: with a heuristic management, is generating synergies among its components for the benefit of a much wider social scale. As a consequence, by strategic connections with other applications for human life protection (security, emergency and disaster management services, etc.) the quality of the medical and social services is improved as well as the social awareness and preparedness for disaster management. III. DATA MANAGEMENT In order to deal with the high risk of heterogeneous data structure and semantic problems, a federated data management model [3] is to be used (Fig. 3). The overall SoS data repository contains shared data owned by the partner systems and posted to the repository into a predefined format. The sensors are wearable and capable of transmitting continuous information to the gateway. Furthermore, all the sensors are portable, meaning that the patient is able to use Teiemedicine SoS Data Repository them outdoors as well. The remote monitoring centre system is responsible for further data analysis, data evaluation, archiving and data representation. • Data Acceptor Data Provider SoS Shared Data acquis Ion U to 12 leads Blood pressure xygen Saturation Body GPRS external link Temoerature Figure 3. Position Home Fall detection An important aspect in this architecture is the data protection, considering the need for interactions between the Gateway mergency button systems and/or users and the privacy requirements. In order to achieve an appropriate level of data security, the following aspects are considered [4]: Temperature Figure 2. Another important Patient monitoring component is the Data management communication system, which transmits the recorded data from the sensors to the monitoring centre's server and for exposing the information to the stakeholders. 9th RoEduNet IEEE International Conference 2010 Non repudiation: Identities guarantee for all the users accessing or providing resources. Confidentiality: Controlling the access information stored or m...
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