1 select the desired wavelength by pressing the up or

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Unformatted text preview: l be used as the blank cuvette. 54 Calibrating the Instrument The calibration procedure must be performed for absorbance measurements taken at each different wavelength. 1. Select the desired wavelength by pressing the up or down “wavelength selector’’ arrow keys of the key pad of the instrument. 2. Insert the “blank” cuvette containing the blank reference solution (which is acidic solvent for this experiment) into the sample holder and close the hood. 3. Calibrate to 0 absorbance by pressing the 0 ABS/100%T key. 4. Remove the “blank” cuvette. Do not re-adjust any dials at this point. You are now ready to insert the other cuvette containing the sample of choice for a measurement at this particular wavelength. 5. Repeat steps 1-4 for all measurements that take place at different wavelengths. Question A: Why do we allow electronic instruments to warm-up before use? Question B: Why is it important not to have fingerprints on the cuvette? Question C: Why is it important to align the cuvette in the sample holder the same way each time? 55 The Experiment In the present exercise you will experi...
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