18 specific permission from your li is required

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Unformatted text preview: permission from your LI is required before you may work in any laboratory other than the one to which you have been assigned. Only laboratory rooms where the same laboratory course is operating may be used for this purpose. 19. If you have a special health condition (asthma, pregnancy, etc.) or any personal health concerns, consult your doctor before taking chemistry lab. 20. If you come to the laboratory with non-compliant goggles, shoes, or clothing, you will not be allowed to work in the laboratory. In that context, note that THERE ARE NO MAKEUP LABORATORIES. Your course grade will be significantly lowered or you may fail the course if you do not meet the dress code. You must sign the Safety Acknowledgement sheet before you may work in the lab. If you have questions about these rules and procedures, please ask your LI before starting any laboratory work in this course. EXPERIMENTS Redox Titrations INTRODUCTION In this experiment you are going to use a pair of oxidation-reduction reactions to determine the concentration of a bleach unknown. First, you are...
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