2 one pair of safety goggles will be supplied to each

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Unformatted text preview: WASTE ONLY Label is YELLOW and is used only in Chem 2B 3. Locker Inventory Procedure for beginning of quarter (1) Replace broken or missing items in your locker in the first two weeks. They may be checked out from the stockroom (Room 1060). All excess equipment should be placed in the extra glassware box (red) in the lab room. (2) One pair of SAFETY GOGGLES will be supplied to each Chem 2A student. They must be worn AT ALL TIMES when in the laboratory, including during locker check out. Only safety goggles which have been approved by the Chemistry Department are acceptable GLASSWARE 1 100 ml Beaker 1 150 ml Beaker 1 250 ml Beaker 1 400 ml Beaker 1 800 ml Beaker 1 50 ml Erlenmeyer Flask 2 125 ml Erlenmeyer Flask 2 250 or 300 ml Erlenmeyer Flask 2 500 ml Erlenmeyer Flask 1 100mm Watch Glass 2 Glass Stir Rod 10 Test Tubes (rounded end) 6 Centrifuge Tubes (pointed end) 2 Thermometer, non-mercury 2 25 ml Volumetric Flask 1 250 ml Volumetric Flask 1 5 ml Volumetric Pipet 1 10 ml Volumetric Pipet METAL EQUIPMENT 1 Beaker Tongs 1 Crucible Tongs 1 Scoopula 1 Test Tube Clamp COMMUNITY LOCKERS 8" Extension Clamp Clamp Holder Small Support Ring Large Support Ring CHEMISTRY 2 LOCKER LIST PORCELAIN 1 Small Casserole 1 Large Casserole 1 Evaporating Dish 2 Crucible 2 Crucible Cover PLASTIC WARE 1 250 ml Washing Bottle 1 25 ml Graduated Cylinder (may be glass) 1 Short Stem Funnel (may be glass) 2 1 L Bottle, square 1 Desiccator 1 Pipet bulb w/ Tip 1 Plastic Test Tube Rack OTHER 1 Centrifuge Tube Brush (pointed end) 1 Test Tube Brush (rounded end) 2 Match Books 1 Vial, Alkacid Test Paper 1 Sponge 2 Rubber Policeman 1 Wire Triangle, Pipe Stem Covered 1 Wire Gauze Square COMMUNITY SUPPLIES SHELVES 50 ml Buret AT LAB BENCH Bunsen Burner w/ Silicone Rubber Tubing Procedure for end of Quarter (1) Clean and dry all equipment. (2) Replace all broken or missing items by checking them out from the stockroom. Return all extra equipment to the extra glassware box in lab. (3) Have your TA check your equipment and initial below. Student Name ____________________________________________________ T.A. ____________ (print) (initial)...
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