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Unformatted text preview: xt on each question contains a terse notation describing the scoring for that question. The notation used and an explanation of each is provided below: 1. Data Entry – No Scoring Simply enter your experimental value. The program will verify that your entry is within the expected range for the experiment, but no awarding of points is involved. 2. Scoring Scheme: 2–1 These are typically questions that have only two alternative answers. If you select the correct answer, you will receive two points. If you select the incorrect answer, you will receive one point for completing the question and you will be informed of the correct answer. 3. Scoring Scheme: 3-2-1-1 These are typically multiple-choice questions with three alternatives. If you select the correct answer on the first try, you will receive three points. The possible points earned are then reduced by one point on each try and a hint is provided. You will receive a minimum of one point if you answer correctly on the third or subsequent tries. 4. Scoring Scheme: 3-3-2-1 These are typically questions that require you to do calculations bas...
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