3 choices given based on the ratio of half lives for

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Unformatted text preview: lculate for the ratio t1/2(0.05M) / t1/2(0.01M) from your experimentally measured half-lives at 55 oC? Given your experimentally measured ratio of half-lives for the two different concentrations, select the concentration dependence that best describes your experimental ratio. 3 choices given. Based on the ratio of half-lives for the two different concentrations that you determined, and comparing the experimental ratio with the theoretical ratios for kinetic orders 0, 1, and 2, which order does this reaction exhibit? 3 choices given. The following series of questions pertains to the analysis of the data in Part II of the Kinetics Experiment. The activation energy of the reaction will be determined based on your data. Your data and resulting calculations will be verified as you proceed through the exercise. In part II of the experiment you and your partner measured the half-life of the reaction at 5 different temperatures. You should have constructed a table with column headings T(C), T(K), 1/T, t1/2, k = ln(2)/t1/2, ln(k) and rows for each of the...
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