4 completing the post laboratory exercises you will

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Unformatted text preview: o take a quiz, it will be counted as one of your two attempts even if you do not hit the submit button before closing the window. Only start the pre-lab quiz when you are ready to take it. c. In order to receive your 2 points for the prelaboratory quiz you must complete it successfully at least 1 hour before your laboratory class is to begin. 4. Completing the Post-Laboratory Exercises. You will need to complete all the on-line post-laboratory exercises for each lab in order to receive credit for the laboratory portion of the course. In the post-laboratory exercises, you will be asked to enter your data and the results from your calculations. For your data entries, the post-lab exercises are designed to check that your data is sensible. For example, if you are asked to weigh approximately 3 g of a substance, the program will check to see if your data entry falls within a range such as 1 - 6 grams. For your calculation entries, the program is designed to verify that your calculation is correct based on your previously entered data. The program also allows for rounding differences. For example, if the progr...
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