4 move unused equipment and chemicals away from you

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Unformatted text preview: H Meter Operating Instructions 10. Fume Hood Use and Safety Purpose: Protects from hazardous materials and inhalation Steps 1. Turn on the hood light. 2. Check the certification sticker. 3. Check alarm and airflow. a. Should read more than 100 ft/min (if it has one a meter) b. When increased airflow is needed, select the higher airflow and mute the alarm. 4. Move unused equipment and chemicals away from you while working. 5. Work 6 inches away from the edge of the hood. Do not rest body parts on the edge of the hood. 6. Clean spills immediately. 7. Close hood sash when done. Fume Hood Use Waste disposal containers are kept in the fume hood. Hazardous chemicals are kept in the fume hood. Do not remove hazardous chemicals or use them outside of the hood unless specifically directed by the Chemistry 2 Laboratory Manuals Sash Use Lower sash to increase airflow. If alarm goes off, lower sash. If alarm is not removed, see safety personnel immediately. Use sash in green zone as much as possible and red zone only for equipment setup. Properly adjust sa...
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