48 a related quantity is the absorbance a which is

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Unformatted text preview: ation, C, of absorbing substance is increased or the path length, ℓ, of the sample is increased, since both increase the number of absorbing species in the path of the light. 48 A related quantity is the absorbance, A, which is given by A - log T - log 10 %T 100 2 log 10 %T %T is read directly from the spectrometer. However, the absorbance is particularly important since it, and not the transmittance, is directly proportional to the concentration of the absorbing substance and the path length. This proportionality constitutes Beer’s Law, and is commonly written as A = ℓ C. The concentration, C, is expressed in moles per liter (M) and the path length, ℓ, is generally expressed in cm. The quantity is called the molar absorptivity and has units of M-1 cm-1. Note that the quantity ℓC is dimensionless, as are both the absorbance, A, and the transmittance, T. The molar absorptivity is characteristic of the substance. It tells us how much light the substance absorbs at a particular wavelength. A graphical plot of either the absorbance at constant path length or the molar ab...
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