5 free response 1 or 2 points possible some of the

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Unformatted text preview: ed upon previously entered experimental data, but may also be multiple choice questions with 4 or more alternatives. If you respond correctly on either of the first two tries, you will receive three points. The possible score is reduced by one point for each of the next two tries and remains one point for a correct response on any subsequent try. 5. Free Response (1 or 2 points possible) Some of the laboratories contain questions where you will write your answer in a text box. The point value for each question will be indicated. Your TA will read your responses and award you your points accordingly. Your points for these questions will appear in your on-line score sheet. 6. Analysis (1 to 5 points possible) In some of the laboratories, you will analyze a sample of unknown content. In the Redox and EDTA laboratories you will find a mass percent and in the Qualitative Analysis laboratory you will be identifying the metal ions present in a mixture. In these three laboratories, you will be awarded 1 to 5 points for accuracy. In orde...
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