5 put the warmer flask into a beaker that contains

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Unformatted text preview: ave two essentially identical 17.5 mL samples of the green solution in two different flasks--one of them in an ice bath and the other one out on the bench top warming to room temperature. 5. Put the "warmer" flask into a beaker that contains boiling water for about 10 minutes, which should cause the green starting material to be converted entirely to the red aquo product. Cool the flask containing the red solution to room temperature. If you wish you can use an ice bath to speed up the cooling. 58 Part II. Spectral Assignments. Overview: Figure 4 contains the absorption spectra of the red and green complexes. You will need to determine the true absorption maxima of the two complexes. The instrument you will use to make this determination is the manually operated GENESYSTM 20 spectrophotometer. 1. You should start with the red solution. The red solution is stable so it is clearly the one to use to familiarize yourself with the instrument and experimental procedure. 2. Your red stock solution is a little too concentrated to give...
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