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Unformatted text preview: hair while in the laboratory. Hair can catch on fire while using open flames. 10. Mouth suction must never be used to fill pipets. Always use a bulb to fill pipets. 11. All accidents, injuries, explosions, or fires must be reported at once to the LI. In case of serious injury, the LI or Lab Supervisor must call 911 for an ambulance. In cases where the LI and Lab Supervisor decide the extent of an injury warrants evaluation/treatment, the student must be accompanied to the Student Health Center. Students are also encouraged to seek medical attention if the student deems it necessary. The student must always be accompanied to the Student Health Center. 12. Horseplay and carelessness are not permitted and are cause for expulsion from the laboratory. You are responsible for everyone's safety. 13. Keep your working area clean – immediately clean up ALL spills or broken glassware. Exercise appropriate care to protect yourself from skin contact with all substances in the laboratory. Clean off you...
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