9 save the test tube containing the 005 m reference

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Unformatted text preview: fly lift the test tube out of the hot water bath and use a white paper background. 8. Repeat the experiment with the next two test tubes for trial #2. Average the results for each concentration from the two runs and determine the associated errors. 9. Save the test tube containing the 0.05 M reference half-reacted complex (i.e. test tube #1) for Part II. 70 Part II. Determination of the Activation Energy 1. You have already determined t1/2 for a temperature near 55°C in Part I. However, the measurement was not held truly constant at 55°C for the entire duration of the reaction time since the test tube was originally at room temperature and thus required some time to equilibrate to 55°C in the water bath. For this section, in an effort to get a more accurate t1/2 determination, you will add solid directly to pre-equilibrated water in test tubes already at the prescribed water bath temperatures. 2. Prepare six clean test tubes each filled with 3 mL portions of the 0.5 M sulfuric acid solution you made for Part I...
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