A detailed description of each section is described

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Unformatted text preview: use chemicals that could present a hazard if used improperly. Thus, students are required to judiciously prepare for each experiment by carefully reading the experiment and writing a Title, Purpose, Procedure (brief outline), and Data (outline) section before arriving at the laboratory. A detailed description of each section is described below under, "Writing a Laboratory Report". After preparing the laboratory notebook, students will complete the on-line pre-laboratory presentation and must pass the pre-laboratory quiz. Any student without this preparation completed at the beginning of the laboratory period is deemed unsafe and must leave the laboratory until the pre-laboratory write up is complete and the supervising TA is convinced that you are prepared to begin the experiment. 2. Data Collection All data must be recorded in ink directly into your laboratory notebook. At the completion of the experiment, you must turn in a copy of your data sheet to your TA before you leave the laboratory. 3. Unknowns Students will obtai...
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