Add 8 ml of deionized water to dissolve do the next

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Unformatted text preview: 250 mL beaker and begin heating the water with a hot plate immediately upon entering the laboratory. 3. Accurately weigh 2.4 grams of CoCl2.6H2O(s) and place it in a 50 mL Erlenmeyer flask. Add 8 mL of deionized water to dissolve. Do the next step in the fumehood. After the entire solid has dissolved add 8 mL of the ligand ethylenediamine (C2N2H8) to the cobalt solution. Carefully make observations regarding any color or temperature changes and record these in your notebook. Question A: Explain why the color changes occur during this reaction. Question B: Write a balanced chemical equation for this process. The product is Co(en) 2Cl2. 4. Return to the laboratory bench with your cobalt solution and make 12 mL of a 10% H2O2 solution from a 30% H2O2 stock solution. Slowly add 8 mL of the 10% H2O2 to the cobalt solution. Let the flask sit for 5 minutes at room temperature with occasional swirling and note any color or temperature changes. Transfer the solution to your small casserole. Rinse the flask with 8 mL of deionized water and add this rinse solution to the solution in the casserole. 41 Question C: Ex...
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