Add the necessary mass of solid na2edta2h2o stir to

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Unformatted text preview: n and Standardization of an EDTA Solution 1. Prepare approximately 500 mL of a 0.03 M Na2EDTA solution by filling the 1 L bottle with approximately 300 mL of deionized water. Add the necessary mass of solid Na2EDTA·2H2O. Stir to dissolve. Since solid EDTA dissolves slowly, go on to weigh your CaCO3 samples for the standardization. After your solid Na2EDTA·2H2O has dissolved, take your solution to the fumehood and add about 20 mL of the pH 10 buffer. NOTES: (1) Do not use the buffer solution found on the shelves in the lab. Add the 10 M ammonia buffer found in the fumehood. (2) Only add the 10 M ammonia buffer to your solution in the fumehood. 2. Mix well and add another 180 mL of deionized water to make approximately 500 mL of solution 3. Standardize the EDTA solution by using dry calcium carbonate. Here are some tips to make your titration smooth and successful. In preparing for the lab, you should have calculated the approximant mass of the primary standard, CaCO3, necessary for the titration. Weigh your three samples of your primary standard by...
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