Analytical sample follow a similar procedure as above

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Unformatted text preview: ntents well mixed, and finally add water from a disposable pipet to bring the liquid level to the mark. Do a final mixing by inverting and swirling the flask at least 30 times. Keep the volumetric flask sealed as much as possible to minimize the opportunity for air oxidation to occur. Analytical Sample. Follow a similar procedure as above but use an accurately weighed ca. 100 mg sample of a commercial Vitamin C tablet in place of the ascorbic acid. You will first have to crush the Vitamin C tablet in a folded sheet of paper using your small iron ring as the hammer, making a fairly fine powder. Further grind the crushed tablet using the pointed end of a centrifuge tube as a pestle and a small beaker as a mortar into a very fine powder. These tablets sometimes contain binders, which will not completely dissolve. Solution with Metal Ions. Accurately weigh ca. 100 mg of ascorbic acid and transfer it quantitatively to a clean 250 mL volumetric flask. Partially fill the volumetric flask with deionized water and...
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