As you know davis is not known for the exceptional

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Unformatted text preview: itrations INTRODUCTION In these times of environmental awareness and concern, it is very important that you become experienced with water analysis. As you know, Davis is not known for the exceptional quality of its water. In fact, let’s face it, the water here tastes pretty bad! What is in it? That would be a good question to try to answer if we had lots of time and if we wanted to spend it doing an experiment in qualitative analysis. However, for now we want to learn more about quantitative analysis. It is well known that ground water commonly contains a large amount of two metal ions, calcium and magnesium. The term "hard water" refers to the presence of these two metals. These metals give the water a rather harsh taste and will also cause the white deposits often observed on faucets or as "lime" deposits in bathtubs. These white deposits are generally metal carbonates. In addition, these two metal ions will precipitate soaps, leaving the unsightly bathtub scum that you may have observed. Perhaps you have had the experience of living or visiting a resi...
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