At the end of the period turn off the balance by

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Unformatted text preview: e weighing paper when weighing solids to protect the balance. To do this simply place the weighing paper on the balance pan and be sure it is not touching the side. Press the tare bar on the right side and the balance will then read 0.000 g. Now add the desired mass of solid and record the mass. Always clean the balance carefully after use. At the end of the period,, turn off the balance by raising the tare bar. Always use the balance with extreme care as it is very expensive. 2. Handling Solids Use a clean spatula to transfer solid from bottles. Never use a contaminated spatula. Also, never return unused solid to the reagent bottle. Simply discard it. To avoid waste, never remove more solid from a bottle than is necessary. Below in Figure 2 is an illustration of how to properly weigh and transfer a solid using weighing paper. In the Chemistry 2 laboratories we are presently using weighing boats rather than weighing paper, however the techniques shown in the Figure are still useful and should be carefully examined. Figure 2: Solid...
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