Be sure to titrate all the way to the blue color

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Unformatted text preview: change color. Note that adding one mL of this solution does not affect the stoichiometry of the titration as the solution contains an equal molar amount of magnesium and EDTA. Be sure to titrate all the way to the blue color endpoint and not stop titrating when the solution is the purple color. Keep the flask of your first trial titration to use as a reference color for subsequent trials. Be sure you have three acceptable trials before moving on to Part II. To determine if a trial is acceptable, calculate the molarity of the EDTA solution based on your volumes and mass of CaCO3 for each trial and then perform the Q-test. For more details regarding the Q-test calculation, see the introductory section of your laboratory manual. Question B: Write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction between the EDTA solution and the indicator, MgIn(aq). Perform the analysis with three samples. Calculate the molarity of the EDTA solution for each sample. Calculate an average molarity and the standard deviation...
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