Because interactions often do arise sometimes when

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Unformatted text preview: absorbance is simply the sum of the absorbances of the individual species. When this is true, the individual concentrations can be determined from spectrophotometric measurements. Because interactions often do arise, sometimes when least expected, the absorption spectra of the species should be investigated when they are separate and when they are simultaneously present to determine whether the absorbances are indeed additive before any analytical spectrophotometric measurements. 50 Operation of GENESYSTM 20 Spectrophotometer Spectrophotometers all contain some kind of light source (visible instruments often use just a tungsten bulb); various mechanical and optical elements which are used to create a directed and collimated beam; a wavelength selector of some sort (often either a diffraction grating or a prism); an enclosed cell compartment to hold the absorbing sample; a radiation detector (often a photocell or more commonly now a photodiode); and some kind of readout device (e.g. a needle deflection on a meter). It is important that you understan...
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