Calculate a standard deviation and a 90 confidence

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Unformatted text preview: te in the unknown bleach. Calculate a standard deviation and a 90% confidence limit. The post-laboratory exercise will guide you through each of the above calculations and questions. Clean-up: Rinse the buret and all glassware with deionized water. All solutions can be disposed of down the drain with copious amounts of water. If time permits, now would be a good time to clean any other dirty glassware in your locker. Be sure that all glassware is returned to the proper place and that your laboratory bench has been rinsed with water using a sponge. 4 DATA ANALYSIS The following series of questions pertains to Part I of the Redox Titration Experiment, where you are to calculate the molarity of the sodium thiosulfate standard solution. Below are the post-lab questions as they will appear in the online post-lab. Please answer all these questions moving to the online portion of the post-lab. Enter the precise mass in GRAMS of the potassium iodate used to prepare your primary standard solution. Your mass precision should be reported to...
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