Choices given vitamin c can be added to applesauce to

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Unformatted text preview: hemes may be responsible for the catalytic degradation of ascorbic acid. Choices given. Which of the following transition metal structures involving oxalate ion (from the oxalic acid) and iron would you expect to be responsible for the inhibition of catalytic degradation of ascorbic acid? Choices given. Vitamin C can be added to applesauce to inhibit it from becoming brown in color when exposed to the air. Discuss how this protection occurs based on the reactions of Vitamin C and its possible role as a sacrificial antioxidant. Concluding Remarks: Briefly discuss interpretations of your observations and results. Include in your discussion, any conclusions drawn from the results and any sources of error in the experiment. 81 APPENDIX A) General Experimental Guidelines The laboratory is a critical component of your study of chemistry. Therefore, a student must complete all of the assigned laboratory work, including all on- & off-line postlaboratory exercises, in order to pass this course. 1. Pre-Laboratory Preparation Many of the Chemistry 2 laboratory experiments are intricate and...
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