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Unformatted text preview: on apparatus as shown in Figure 3. This apparatus consists of a 125 mL filter flask, a black #3 neoprene adapter, and a plastic filtering funnel with a white fritted glass filter inside. Clamp the filter flask securely to the support rods. Wet the tip of the thick rubber tubing and connect it to the flask from vacuum supply in the lab. Obtain a small circle of filter paper from the front of the room. Always use filter paper when filtering through a funnel. The filter paper is thin. Be sure you only have one sheet of filter paper. Place the filter paper against the fritted glass inside the funnel. Begin by turning on the vacuum. Seat the filter paper to the fritted glass by squirting a little deionized water on the filter paper. If everything is working properly, the paper 42 should be pulled down against the fritted glass and the small spray of deionized water should be pulled through into the flask. Vacuum Figure 3: Filtering Apparatus 8. Once the product has crystallized, remove the casserole from the ice bath and, using a rubber policeman, carefully transf...
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