Clean off your lab workbench before leaving the

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Unformatted text preview: r lab workbench before leaving the laboratory. Skateboards, rollerblades, and other such personal equipment must be stored outside of the laboratory. Personal electronics are only permitted when needed for the laboratory. 14. Put all toxic or flammable waste into the appropriate waste container(s) provided in your laboratory. 15. Containers of chemicals may not be taken out of the laboratory except to the dispensary for refill/replacement or to exchange full waste jugs for empty ones. All containers must be CAPPED before you take them into the hallway to the dispensary. Never take uncapped glassware containing chemicals into the hallways or other public areas. 16. Laboratory doors must remain closed except when individuals are actively entering or exiting the lab. DO NOT prop the door open with chairs, stools, or any other objects. 17. The student must have at least ONE UNGLOVED HAND when outside the laboratory. Only use the ungloved hand to open doors. Gloves are presumed to be contaminated and must not come into contact with anything outside the laboratory except chemical containers. 18. Specific...
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