Contact lenses and cosmetics are not to be applied

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Unformatted text preview: cosmetics are not to be applied while in the laboratory. Infractions will result in expulsion from the laboratory. Because cell phones or other personal electronic media can easily be damaged in the laboratory, use of such devices is at the student’s own risk. 7. Learn the location and how to operate the nearest eyewash fountain, safety shower, fire extinguisher, and fire alarm box. First aid for acid or base in the eyes is to wash with copious amounts of water using the eyewash fountain for 15 minutes; then go immediately to the Student Health Center for further treatment. First aid for acid or base on skin or clothing is to wash thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. Use the emergency shower if appropriate, removing contaminated clothing for thorough washing. If the safety shower or eyewash is activated, the exposed person must be accompanied to the Student Health Center for further evaluation. 8. All operations in which noxious or poisonous gases or vapors are used or produced must be carried out in the fume hood. 9. Confine long...
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