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Unformatted text preview: proximately doubles for a 10 oC rise in temperature. What is the value of activation energy in kJ/mol for such a reaction? Listed below are some data that was collected on a solution of the green chloro complex as a function of time during its conversion to the aquo complex. Copy these data into your notebook or cut and paste these values into a spreadsheet program. Use this data and the integrated forms of the rate laws to determine the order of the reaction. You must plot all three graphs to determine which yields a straight line. The plot that gives a clear straight line identifies the order of the reaction. Report the order of the reaction and turn in your graphs to your TA at the beginning of the next laboratory period. Each graph is worth 1 point. 74 Determination of Vitamin C Content Via a Redox Titration INTRODUCTION Vitamin C has received much publicity in the late 20th century as a promising antioxidant and a potential cure for the common cold according to the controversial hypothesis by the Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling. A more widely accepted role of Vitamin C is as a cure for one of the m...
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