D common laboratory procedures 1 using the balance a

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Unformatted text preview: r lab partner, other students and the TAs. However, the actual data analyses and the written reports must be done entirely independently of your lab partner or other students. Make sure that you avoid unauthorized collaboration and plagiarism. All suspected violations of the Code of Academic Conduct will be referred to Student Judicial Affairs. D) Common Laboratory Procedures 1. Using the Balance A balance is used to measure the mass of an object. Each laboratory room contains two electronic balances that are very easy to use. A diagram of a balance is shown in Figure 1. To use the balance, turn it on by pushing the tare bar down. The electronic readout should then be lit. Open one of the sliding doors and be sure the balance pan and surrounding area is clean. You can clean it with a balance brush or Kimwipe. Next shut the doors and press the tare bar to set the balance at zero. Now simply place the object to be weighed on the balance and measure the mass to 0.001 grams. Figure 1: The Balance Always us...
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