Do not alter experimental procedures except as

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Unformatted text preview: imental procedures, except as instructed. 2. Approved safety goggles must be worn by all persons at all times. At NO TIME are safety glasses of any kind acceptable in the laboratory. Goggles must be worn by EVERY person in the lab until EVERYONE has finished with the experimental procedure and has put away ALL glassware. Safety goggles may not be modified in any manner. 3. Closed-toe, closed-heel shoes must be worn at all times. 4. Clothing (baggy sleeves and pant legs are NOT allowed) that completely covers your arms and legs must be worn at all times in the laboratory (long skirts, tights, or leggings do NOT qualify). Inadequate protection often leads to injury. Avoid wearing expensive clothing to lab as it may get damaged. 5. Lab Coats of 100% cotton are REQUIRED upon entering lab. 6. Absolutely NO food or drinks are allowed in the laboratory. This prohibition applies to the storage of food and the consumption of food, beverages, medicines, tobacco, and chewing gum. Contact lenses and...
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