Dispose the aqueous solution into the metal ion waste

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Unformatted text preview: er both the solid and the solution to the funnel. After the aqueous solution has been pulled through the filter, carefully disconnect the filtration apparatus and turn off the vacuum. Dispose the aqueous solution into the metal ion waste container. Assemble the filtration apparatus again and rinse the crystals twice with 4 mL portions of 95% ethanol. You may use the ethanol to help transfer any product that remains in the casserole. Do not use water since the product is water soluble. Continue to pull air through the crystals to dry the crystalline product. The solution remaining in the Erlenmeyer flask may be washed down the drain with copious amounts of water. 9. Clean an evaporating dish. Carefully transfer the damp product onto the dish. Place the evaporating dish over the boiling water bath for 5 minutes to finish the drying. 10. Weigh a clean, dry plastic snap-cap vial. Transfer the dry product to the vial and weigh. Calculate the mass of the product and the percent yield. Label for the vial indicating molecular formula, the mass, the date, and the names of bo...
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