Does the proportionality constant affect the slope

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Unformatted text preview: on F: As stated in the introduction, a plot of ln k as a function of 1/T yields a straight line with slope -Ea/R. Show that a plot of ln t1/2 versus 1/T would have a slope of +Ea/R given that for reactions of order zero, one, or two; and t1/2 is inversely proportional to k. Does the proportionality constant affect the slope? Question G: For many reactions near room temperature, the rate approximately doubles for a 10° C rise in temperature. What is the corresponding activation energy? Supplementary Activities (9 points). Determining Order of the Reaction (by tracking the reaction over time) 1. On-line you will find a set of data collected on a solution of the green chloro complex that was monitored over time during the course of its conversion to the aquo complex. Use these data of Time vs. Concentration of green complex and the integral forms of the rate laws to determine the order of the reaction. Hint: You will need to plot [A]t vs. time, ln[A]t vs. time, and [A]t-1 vs. time. Plot all 3 graphs and determine which one yields a strai...
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