Each post lab exercise has a datetime stamp to

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Unformatted text preview: r for the on-line program to identify which sample you were assigned to analyze, you will need to enter your locker series number. Due Date/ Late Submission of Post-lab Exercise. The post-laboratory exercises must be completed by the next normally scheduled laboratory meeting. The last post-laboratory exercise is due the last day of instruction. Each post lab exercise has a date/time stamp to indicate the date and time of completion. Late submission of your post lab exercise will be met with a 5-point deduction for every calendar day it is late. NOTE: If you run into difficulty with any of your post-laboratory entries, please contact your TA. C) Late Reports & Make-Up Policy 1. Late Reports Laboratory reports are due at the beginning of the period after the one allocated for the completion of the experiment. The last report each quarter is due at the time indicated by the TA. Late reports will be met with a 5-point deduction for every calendar day the report is late. 2. Laboratory Make-U...
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