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Unformatted text preview: tor, and carefully determine the slope of the best straight line fit through the data. The slope values for GG, GR, RG, and RR must be accurately determined because they will enable you to solve for the unknown concentration of your mixture of the two cobalt complexes. Enter the value of the slope of A vs.C. This is your effective extinction coefficient for RR. We are now ready to complete the analysis of Part IV data. Using the values of the effective extinction coefficients you determined from your slopes and the values of the absorption you obtained for the mixture at the spectral maxima for the green and red solutions, solve the 2x2 simultaneous linear equations for the concentrations of the green and red complexes in the mixture. When you have an answer for these concentrations, we will use the same data and verify your result. The absorbance values should have a value between 0 and 1. Please enter the absorbance you measured for the mixture of cobalt complexes at the wavelength of absorption maximum for the GREEN complex. The absorbance values should have a v...
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