For example the cis complex is dark purple in color

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Unformatted text preview: ructure (the trans- isomer), the two chlorine atoms occupy opposite corners of the octahedron. These structurally different complexes have different physical and chemical properties. For example, the cis complex is dark purple in color, while the trans complex looks green. In this experiment, you will prepare the chloride salt of the trans complex. The trans complex you prepare here will be used later in spectrophotometry and kinetics studies of its acid hydrolysis. Hereafter, we use the symbol “en” for the ethylenediamine molecule/ligand. It is very crucial that you measure all reagents and carry out all procedures exactly as described. Otherwise, you will synthesize an unintended complex or obtain a mixture of products. Please read the appropriate chapter in your textbook, as pre-laboratory preparation for this experiment. Preparation for Next Lab: You will need to retain the product for use in the Spectrophotometry and Kinetics experiments that follow. 40 Safety: 1. Place all waste solutions/preci...
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