For step 2 mix 2 ml of the cold stock solution with 2

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Unformatted text preview: (chloro complex) instead of the red and thereby find the true wavelength of the green complex absorption maximum. You need to work efficiently because at room temperature the green solution changes slowly with time. For step 2, mix 2 mL of the cold stock solution with 2 mL of solvent at room temperature and use the resulting solution immediately unless water condenses on the outside of the test tube in which you did the mixing. If that happens, hold the test tube tightly in your hand until it warms up to above the dew point. The absorbance measurement will be greatly affected if condensation occurs on the outside of the cuvette. For step 7, be sure to use the estimated wavelength of maximum absorption for the green solution. 12. Review your absorbance readings for the two complexes. Determine the wavelength where maximum absorbance occurred for each colored complex. Record these wavelengths for use in Part III. 60 Part III. Collecting the Data Needed to Construct Beer's Law Plots. Overview: In this part of the experiment you w...
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