From your results you will be able to determine the

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Unformatted text preview: +, Pb2+ + 2 e- Pb, Zn2+ + 2 e- Zn. From your results you will be able to determine the relative positions of these half-reactions in a Table of Standard Potentials. You will also confirm that the potentials of half-reactions are concentration dependent. As you know, in order to calculate the voltages of non-standard cells (not 1 M and 1 atm), you need to use the Nernst equation. A useful form of the Nernst equation is equation 21.18 in section 21-4 on page 839 in your textbook. Read Chapter 21 in your Petrucci textbook, 8th ed., as pre-laboratory preparation before beginning this experiment. There is one last but important note. This experiment is quite easy and short in terms of the actual collection of data. However, the write-up is difficult and requires a good understanding of electrochemistry. Students in the past have found it very helpful to take the time to do each step slowly and try to understand what is happening. They also said that it is critical to begin the write-up while in the laboratory in order to repeat steps that have become confusing or to get assistan...
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