How many moles of nbs are consumed for every one mole

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Unformatted text preview: All solutions may be poured down the drain with copious amounts of water. 78 DATA ANALYSIS When you use the half reaction method to balance the redox reaction between one mole of NBS and ascorbic acid to give L-dehydroascorbic acid and succinimide, how many moles of electrons are transferred? How many moles of NBS are consumed for every one mole of ascorbic acid reacted? In the presence of excess iodide ions, the iodine formed by reaction of iodide with NBS will react further to form triiodide ions. What does the triiodide combine with to form the blue color of the endpoint? You were instructed to use approximately 100 mg of ascorbic acid to prepare your primary standard solution. What is the precise mass in milligrams of the ascorbic acid used to prepare your primary standard solution? If one had weighed out precisely 100 mg of ascorbic acid for the primary standard solution and dissolved it in enough deionized water to make a 250 mL solution, the molarity of that solution would be 0.00227 M. What is your calculated mola...
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