However instructors will sometimes vary the order of

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Unformatted text preview: tors will sometimes vary the order of material covered in lecture and thus certain experiments may come before the concepts illustrated are covered in lecture or after the material has been covered. Some instructors strongly feel that the lecture should lead the laboratory while other instructors just as strongly believe that the laboratory experiments should lead the lecture, and still a third group feel that they should be done concurrently. While there is no "best" way, it is important that you carefully prepare for each experiment by reading the related text material before coming to the laboratory. In this way you can maximize the laboratory experience. Questions are presented throughout each experiment. It is important that you try to answer each question as it appears in the manual, as it will help you understand the experiment as you do it. In addition, you are encouraged to complete the report as soon after laboratory as possible, as this is much more efficient than waiting until the night before it is due. In con...
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