In conclusion we view this manual as one of continual

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Unformatted text preview: clusion, we view this manual as one of continual modification and improvement. Over the past few years many improvements have come from student comments and criticisms. We encourage you to discuss ideas for improvements or suggestions for new experiments with your TA. Finally, we hope you find this laboratory manual helpful in your study of chemistry. ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This manual is the culmination of the efforts of many individuals. Many faculty members have provided ideas for the creation of these laboratories and have made numerous suggestions regarding their implementation. Stockroom Dispensary Supervisors, both past and present, have had a role in helping to develop these experiments and, in particular, helping to ensure that the experiments are tailored to our laboratories here at UC Davis. In addition, many undergraduates have been involved in the development of experiments as part of undergraduate research projects. HAZARD CLASS CHEMICALS The laboratory is a chemical use area for potentially hazardous compounds. The follo...
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