In each experiment specific hazards are indicated by

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Unformatted text preview: specific hazards are indicated by bold type and procedures are described that must be adhered to. Accidents commonly occur when the following rules, as approved by the Chemistry Department Safety Committee, are not followed. U.C. Davis Department of Chemistry Chem. 2 Series Standard Operating Procedures Safety Rules for Teaching Laboratories The following rules are designed for your safety in the laboratory. The Laboratory Instructor (LI = TA, Laboratory Supervisor, and/or Course Instructor) is required to enforce these rules and has the full backing of the Department of Chemistry Staff and Faculty. The LI is also required to enforce all laboratory experiment-specific safety procedures in carrying out the laboratory work. Violations of these rules will result in expulsion from the laboratory. 1. No one is allowed in the laboratory without the supervision of a LI. No laboratory work will be done without supervision. Perform only authorized experiments, and only in the manner instructed. DO NOT alter exper...
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