In your laboratory notebook sum these two reactions

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Unformatted text preview: ed in reaction one. In your laboratory notebook sum these two reactions to find the stoichiometric factor that relates moles of thiosulfate anion needed to react with each mole of hypochlorite anion in the bleach sample. Then select the correct response. three choices will be given. For each of three acceptable trials, enter the mass of your bleach sample in GRAMS. Your mass precision should be reported to a thousandth of a gram. For each of the three acceptable trials, enter the precise volume in milliliters of sodium thiosulfate solution used in the titration of your bleach samples (e.g. 20.34 mL). Be sure to enter your trial volumes in the corresponding order that you entered your masses of your bleach samples previously. The bleach sample mass you entered for entry #1 above should correspond to the sodium thiosulfate volume you enter for entry #1 here. Using the volumes of sodium thiosulfate solution you just entered, the mass of bleach sample, and the average molarity of the sodium thiosulfate solution entered earlier, calculate the mass percent of NaClO for...
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