It is also important to complete the report as soon

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Unformatted text preview: y so that you will only need to neatly record your data and observations during the experiment. Each section should be clearly marked with a proper heading. Your notebook should be organized and written in such a manner that another chemist could read it and repeat the experiment in precisely the same way. It is also important to complete the report as soon as possible after the completion of the experiment as this is much more efficient than waiting until the night before the experiment is due. 5. Statistical Treatment of Data Every measurement made in the laboratory is subject to error. Although you should try to minimize error, two types of errors will occur. Systematic or Determinate Errors are those errors which are reproducible and which can be corrected. Examples are errors due to a miscalibrated piece of glassware or a balance that consistently weighs light. Random or Indeterminate Errors are due to limitations of measurement that are beyond the experimenter's control. These errors cannot be eliminated and lead to both pos...
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