Note that the fe2 stock solution contains sulfuric

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Unformatted text preview: stock solutions of the respective sulfate or nitrate salts in a clean test tube. Note that the Fe2+ stock solution contains sulfuric acid and some iron nails. This is to insure that any ferric ion that might get produced by air oxidation gets re-reduced to the 2+ oxidation state. Because oxygen does attack Fe2+, you should measure the voltages of cells containing the ferrous ion as soon as possible after the solution in question has been prepared. These cell voltages will probably change over time. The electrode "compartments" are simply the wells in a "spot plate." A well will hold about 1 mL of solution and they can be filled very easily using disposable polyethylene pipets. The "salt bridge" is nothing more than a well containing 0.1 M sodium nitrate solution which gets connected to two or more other wells with short (ca. 3 cm) lengths of cotton string that you have pre-saturated in a watch glass containing 0.1 M NaNO3 solution. You cannot connect the anode and cathode wells directly...
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