Procedure 68 you will work in pairs on this

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Unformatted text preview: or the aquation of the chloro complex at several different temperatures, you can make a plot of (ln k) vs. (1/T). A straight line drawn through the points should have a slope of –Ea/R, and so a determination of the slope permits a calculation of Ea. PROCEDURE 68 You will work in pairs on this experiment. The actual data analyses and the written reports must be done entirely independently of your lab partner or other students. Make sure that you avoid unauthorized collaboration and plagiarism. All suspected violations of the Code of Academic Conduct will be referred to Student Judicial Affairs. Part I. Determining Order of the Reaction (by using t1/2) 1. Prepare 60 mL of 0.5 M sulfuric acid solution by mixing 10 mL 3 M H2SO4 with 50 mL deionized water. 2. Prepare a stock acidic solution of the green chloro complex, about 0.050 M in trans-[Co(en)2Cl2]Cl, by dissolving about 170 mg of the compound measured precisely in 12 mL 0.5 M sulfuric acid solution in a 100 mL beaker. Store this solution in an ice-wate...
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