Please enter the 5 precise temperatures in degrees

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Unformatted text preview: five temperatures for which your team determined the half-lives. If you have not completed such a table, either extend your existing table to include all these columns, or create the entire table now. You may leave the exercise at any point and continue it later if necessary. Please enter the 5 precise temperatures in degrees Celsius at which you measured the half-life of the reaction (e.g. 81.5). Enter them in increasing order (lowest to highest). Convert each of the temperatures you entered above to Kelvin and find the reciprocal. Enter the reciprocal Kelvin temperatures in the corresponding order with the above Celsius temperatures. Your reciprocal Kelvin temperatures will be entered in decreasing order (highest to lowest). Use four significant figures. (e.g. 0.003143). Please enter the 5 measured half-lives in units of seconds in corresponding ordered with the above Celsius temperatures. (e.g. 35.5). The first half-life entered here should correspond to the first (lowest) Celsius temperature entered above. 73 Calculate the rate constant of each of the half-liv...
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