Refilling of chemical and supply containers when

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Unformatted text preview: r a replacement. If for some reason you are not able to bring the broken item, you must fill out a dispensing room slip and have your TA sign it before you may obtain a replacement. Equipment on Loan from the Dispensary All equipment that is on loan from the dispensary must be returned to the dispensary at the end of each laboratory period. Refilling of Chemical and Supply Containers When replacing or refilling general laboratory chemicals or supplies, be sure to bring the empty containers to the dispensary. In the case of chemical containers, be sure to return the tops or caps with the containers. Waste Containers Full waste containers may be exchanged for empties located below the fume hoods. Additional containers may also be obtained from the dispensary. c. Policies at the End of the Quarter Surplus Stores Any item you may have in surplus should be placed in the area set aside for surplus items in the laboratory (a box at the back of the lab). Filling Locker Requirements If your locker is short of any items when yo...
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