Return all extra equipment to the extra glassware box

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Unformatted text preview: u are checking your locker equipment against your locker list, obtain the missing items from the surplus items in the laboratory. If the missing item is not in the surplus area, obtain it from the dispensary. Preparing Your Locker for Check-In Clean all equipment. Replace all broken or missing items by checking them out from the stockroom. Return all extra equipment to the extra glassware box in the lab. Have your TA check the contents of the locker and if everything is present and clean then they will lock the drawer. 2. Waste Labels WASTE LABELS used in Chem 2 Classes: Chem 2 Experiments Cation Metal Waste Chemical Waste Composition: Bismuth, Chromium, Cobalts, Copper, Lead Manganese, Silver, Zinc WASTE Label is WHITE and is used in all Chem 2 courses. Chem 2C Experiment Qualitative Analysis Chemical Waste Composition: Chloroform, Dithizone, Acetone WASTE ONLY Label is BLUE and is used only in Chem 2B Chem 2B Experiment Colligative Properties Chemical Waste Composition: Cyclohexane, Acetone, p-Dibromobeneze, p-Dichlorobenzene, Naphthalene, Diphenyl, Benzophenone,...
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