Take two test tubes of the essentially pure green

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Unformatted text preview: converted to the aquo complex. Keep these two grayish-pink standards in an ice bath so that further conversion from chloro to aquo is minimized. 7. Adjust the temperature of a 250 mL beaker containing 150 mL water to within at least 2C of 55C. Take two test tubes of the essentially pure green chloro complex--one from the 0.05 M set, and one from the 0.01 M set (i.e. Test Tube #2 and 5). Place the two tubes into the beaker of hot water, noting the time to the nearest second. At the beginning, agitate the two test tubes in the hot water bath so that temperature equilibrium is rapidly attained (be careful not to break the thermometer). Maintain the bath temperature constant to ±0.5° by adjustment of the hot plate or, if necessary, by addition of small amounts of cold water. Record the exact temperature of the bath. Record the times at which the color of each solution matches the grayish-pink color of the corresponding half-reacted solution (i.e. Tubes #1 and 4). For best comparison, brie...
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